Rabbi Ariel Sholklapper, or Rav Ariel, as most people call him, is the teacher and creator of www.RavAriel.com. He’s a real guy teaching mindfulness to people all over the world who are seeking to deepen their practice. Ariel went from having no Jewish or meditative practice to having a thriving and meaningful daily practice of connecting with the Divine. The resulting surplus in energy from his practice is what allows him to teach others to do the same.

During the course of Rabbi Sholklapper’s MBA program, he began learning mindfulness for business performance. He studied peer-reviewed research on meditation and how it can be used in the workplace to cope with stress, cultivate resilience, and develop more effective employees and leaders. As a rabbi and spiritual seeker, he knows we can’t leave our souls at the door and still be whole in the boardroom. That’s why he also looks to draw from ancient spiritual wisdom for guidance on how to thrive in the modern day workplace. When all is said and done, life is short; time is our most precious possession; and Rabbi Sholklapper offers time-tested, science-based practices to help us make the most of every moment.

His mission is to help other spiritual seekers build and grow meaningful connections to the Divine in their daily life through non-profit seminars, private one-on-one sessions, Jewish mindfulness retreats, and www.RavAriel.com.