C. Michael Smith is an internationally recognized Jungian psychologist, medical anthropologist, and shamanic teacher who has developed a foundation for life-mentoring drawing upon his synthesis of these traditions, originating with his book Jung and Shamanism in Dialogue. Michael draws from the best of the disciplines of Jungian psychology and cross-cultural indigenous shamanism. From them he has creatively synthesized a powerful philosophy and system Archetypal Heart Psychology which is the foundation of his work, and which employs the most potent techniques and assessment instruments for clarifying your life calling and potentiality, and has tools such as
“Archetypal Diagnosis and Assessment” through a psychoshamanic technique he developed of guided “Four Archetypal Journeys” to get you cooking on all burners, so you can bring your Gifts to the world, realize your vision, or bring your creative idea into the market-place, and share it with the world. Along with this, he has developed a technology for “Locating the Little Devils,” those self-defeating tendencies and limit patterns that can disempower and keep you from manifesting your dreams. Once identified through Core Questions and Collaborative Insearching. Michael shows you how you can transmute these “little devils” into allies and resources rather than self-defeating forces that troll your best intentions. In 2021 Michael was guest lecturer for the IAAP at the Russian Academy of Science (Moscow) presenting his work on Jung, Shamanism and the Archetype of Initiation. In 2022 he taught Jung and Shamanism for the IAAP Analyst Training Program for the at the C.G. Jung Institute of Bangalore, India, and for the Center for Archetypal Psychology, Sicily, Italy."