There are many uncertainties that we are now doubling down on. The changes resulting from a global pandemic—with its long-term and immediate implications and life’s normal challenges—can be a recipe for distress. Changes to our social connections and the mental, emotional, and financial aspects of our well-being can cause us to feel constricted. We can find ourselves in the fight, flight, or freeze responses of the autonomic nervous system. Our task is to stay open to the flow of love, joy, and peace, and how that flow helps us choose gratitude.

I am an inspirational speaker, Spiritual Director, and contemplative with a passion for seeing people transform into being their best selves. I have co-lead the St. John’s Church in Downtown Houston with my husband, Rudy for thirty years and would love to bring my experience to your community. Let me know if you are interested in having me speak, conduct a workshop or facilitate your retreat. I am grateful for every opportunity to share and make a difference