Rodney Waters is a Jungian Analyst in Training at the International School of Analytical Psychology in Zurich, Switzerland (ISAPZurich) and sees clients in Houston, Texas, through The Center for the Healing Arts and Sciences. Since 2009 he has given seminars and lectures at The Jung Center of Houston on topics including tattoos, music, mythology, film and literature. His areas of interest include creativity, dream interpretation, and issues related to gender and sexuality. A long-time advocate for the use of music and art in the service of social causes, he has created projects to support language tutoring, refugee resettlement, HIV prevention programs, and student scholarships. Rodney came to Jungian psychology through his love of music and has been a professional pianist for 40 years. He has performed internationally and his recording with Curt Thompson of the complete Sonatas for Violin and Piano by American composer Charles Ives was named one of the top 10 recordings of Ives’ music by Gramophone Magazine and The New York Times. In 2016 Rodney composed music for Jungians Speaking, a documentary series about Jungian analysts in Zurich, released by Chiron Publications. In 2019 he and colleague John Price combined their musical interests with Jungian psychology to create the band Sprit and the Trickster and released their debut album Empyreum in 2020.